Welcome to our new member SEDI ATI

We welcome our new member SEDI ATI fibres optiques. They are specialized in the design and manufacturing of multimode fiber-optic assemblies for custom, complex and extreme environments. The headquarters are settled near Paris (sales, R&D and production) and a sales office is based in Amsterdam. The company serves demanding markets such as the energy, the industry, the research, the military, space, and medical markets. Based on strong relationships with the customers, SEDI-ATI delivers fiber-optic assemblies such as bundles and arrays for spectrometry applications, highly achromatic multimode couplers for sensing and metrology applications, wavelength division multiplexers with a custom dichroic filter for optopyrotechnics or fluorescence detection, pressure and vacuum fiber-optic hermetic feedthroughs, special patch cords, cables, and connectors, as well as medical probes. The company is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified.
We are very pleased to have them on board!