PIC Summit Europe 2024

General event
Europe's most influential event in the photonic chip industry.

Taking place 15-16 October in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, PIC Summit Europe attracts the leading lights from across the photonic chip industry, making it one of the most influential events in the industry.

Photonic chips, also known as Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC), harness the power of light to create energy-efficient, faster, and more accurate microchips. These enable new applications, such as LiDAR, innovative networking solutions, and all kinds of sensing solutions for agrifood, maintenance, and medical challenges.

Imagine – two whole days dedicated to discussion, collaboration, and innovation with key international opinion leaders from across our thriving industry. The conference offers a rich programme – featuring keynotes from Semicon executives, users of photonic chip technology, EU policymakers, and the wider photonic chip community to discuss the future of the global industry.